The Big Bang Theory Will Make You Laugh

The Big Bang Theory is an American television sitcom that premieres on the CBS network. The show was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady who each serve as executive producers alongside Steven Molaro. The three also serve as the show’s head writers. Originally premiering in September of 2007, the series has spanned for a total of 8 seasons, with the most recent season having aired from September of 2014 to May of the following year. The season finale premiered on May 7th of this 2015. You can watch old and new episodes of The Big Bang Theory when you sign up for one of these DIRECTV packages.

Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and Leonard

The Big Bang Theory focuses on the lives of two Caltech physicists, Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, whom share an awkward but interesting living arrangement and friendship that stems from their unique co-dependence upon another. Their friendship is explored throughout the series, and their unique personalities oftentimes serve as comic relief—primarily in the form of Leonard poking fun at Sheldon’s rigid rules for living life and his understanding of how things ought to be.

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The show’s other three primary characters include Leonard and Sheldon’s across the way neighbor Penny, and their equally socially awkward co-workers and friends, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. Penny’s character often acts as the voice of reason for the four men, who have limitless imaginations and brain capacity, though their brilliance rarely translates well into heavy social situations. She serves as a romantic interest for Leonard, and the sharp, witty reminder to the rest that, while they’re absolutely brilliant when it comes to physics and engineering, they’re oftentimes idiots in regards to basic social protocol.

Penny from Big Bang Theory

Originally, Wolowitz and Koothrappali’s characters were used as stand-ins for the stereotypical ideas associated with geeky men: Both were socially awkward (with Raj having selective mutism around women) and both were incapable of understanding how to approach women in any regard. Moreover, the closeness and uniqueness of their friendship was oftentimes made the butt of many jokes that hinted at the two of them having romantic feelings towards one another. Colloquially, however, their relationship is more akin to a bromance, though the line is oftentimes blurred by Raj’s awkward social behavior and metrosexuality.

In addition to these primary characters, the series has hosted several reoccurring supporting characters. Bernadette Rostenkowski is Howard’s girlfriend and later wife, who worked alongside Penny as a part-time waitress while working at the university as a microbiologist. Amy Farah Fowler is a neuroscientist who becomes Sheldon’s girlfriend after the two of them are matched on an online dating site at his friends’ behest. Stuart Bloom was originally only a reoccurring character who later became a supporting character. He runs the local comic book store. Over the course of the eight seasons, these supporting characters have been promoted to starring roles, almost completely doing away with the reoccurring cast ideology in lieu of a closer-knit group of actors and actresses whose on-screen chemistry is more genuine.

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While the first season of the series received generally mixed reviews, the second through fifth seasons of the show received exceedingly higher praises. The show was praised for its slapstick wit and quirky characterization. The remaining three seasons have received generally positive reviews from critics, with many looking forward to the show’s return sometime next year.